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User Agreement

This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which will provide services. Use of's service means user accepts all the terms and conditions of this agreement. The parties to this agreement are and the user. The user understands that the name, address, phone number, banking details, gold currency account details and any other information personal identification including documents such as ( phone bills, electricty bills or other utility bills) must be true and correct details, belonging to the user. The user may not purchase gold currency from or sell gold currency to on behalf of another person or using another persons bank, credit card or gold currency account details. does not accept third-party payments. The person sending funds must be the owner or have access to the chosen Gold Currency account in which the funds are being spent to. The user understands that is not an escrow agent, does not provide escrow or other auction related services and has no affiliation with any auction sites or auction sellers. You understand that only buys and sells e-gold, pecunix and gold currency and that you are buying gold currency or gold nuggets, and that does not provide any other services. gives the customer the ability to exchange fiat currencies for Gold Currencies being and operates independently of Pecunix Ltd, e-gold Ltd, Gold & Silver Reserve Inc, OmniPay and other e-currency companies. reserves the right to refuse any orders without explanation. reserves the right to delay Gold Currency spends for any reason. A transaction is not refundable once a spend has been made to a gold currency account or fiat currency has been sent to you in exchange for selling gold currency to will not transfer your personal details to others unless requested to do so with a court order. By buying or selling gold currency to the user gives permission for their email address to be added to's internal newsletter. The user may request to remove their address from this newsletter at any time and guarantees the user will not receive more than 1 email per month. The user understands that does not endorse any gold currency related investments, or merchants. The user understands that warns against investing gold currency in so called high yield investment programs (hyips) as there is a very high chance that the user will loose their gold currency. We recomend you visit before investing gold currency in websites that promise returns that seem too good to be true. Please note is not affiliated with please don't contact them with questions about your order at will not be responsible for delays or failures in the transmission, receipt or execution of orders, Remittances, Payments, deliveries, or information due to events or systems beyond its control. is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any event or system beyond its control. Any tax consequences of transactions are the sole responsibility of User. User indemnifies from any liability in the event that a Gold Currency issuer does not deliver upon its promise to provide the service associated with maintaining their Gold Currency accounts. The user understands that the use of gold currency exposes User to the risk of loss of market value. In particular, acquiring, owning and using Gold Currency as money involves market risk and is not suitable for all persons. The user agrees that the amount of gold currency they purchase may be more or less than the amount they receive due to changes in the gold price during the time it takes to process their order. reserves the right to spend less USD than was quoted in the users order and received from the User if the gold price drops during the time it takes to verify a users order. only gurantees to fix the order payment amount if the order is made via direct cash deposit. Payments made via wire transfer may result in delays and loss of market value, the User agrees to accept this risk. User represents that he/she has read and understands this Agreement and represents that he/she is aware of the nature and extent of his/her rights and the risks involved under this Agreement. This Account Agreement is governed by the laws of Malaysia as such laws are applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Malaysia by Malaysian residents.

Privacy Policy respects your privacy. We will not give your details to any external parties, unless we are requested to do so via a court order. We require detailed personal information because the nature of internet transactions can lend themselves to abuse by those wishing to partake in fraudlent activities. We need to fully identify you as a customer to protect ourselves and you from such activities. We want to make sure we in no way accept funds that have been stolen from another or acquired by misleading another. You can be assured that your personal information is safe with All personal details collected are stored offline. This is to minimise the chances of unauthorised people gaining access to information about your identity. will only use your personal details for the purpose of verifying you as a legitimate customer and so we can contact you by phone to check that you do wish to buy gold currency or gold from or sell gold currency to All information collected from this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed, except when MyTradeZones.comis required to provide information to comply with a specific legal process or law. Our privacy policy applies to our legitimate customers only. Any customer attempting to defraud us or anybody else is therefore not considered as a legitimate customer of ours, and our Privacy policy does not apply to such individuals.


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